Album Review: Love Marriage and Divorce

Album Review        :       LOVE MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE

Artist                       :       Toni Braxton and Babyface

Genre                      ;       Pop, R and B


In terms of lyrics, there will be a lot of expectations for this album.  The mere fact that Babyface has written some of the most endeared love songs of all time such as, “Take Bow” by Madonna, “You Mean The World To Me” by Toni Braxton, “I’m Your Baby Tonight” by Whitney Houston and a lot more.  He has worked with almost every popular singers either as producer or composer.  Thus, this collaboration with Toni Braxton can be considered an event.  It can be considered as comeback album for both of them as they have not charted for quite a while now. 

The album starts with “Rollercoaster.”  Thankfully, he did not make this song uptempo as the title would have suggested.  As expected though, both he and Toni sang about mixed emotions: “I love you, I hate you’ kind of thing.  The song “Sweat” toys the idea about using sex as weapon to make the other lose control.  What is striking with “Hurt You” it is the woman who cheated but the man was apologizing for hurting his woman.  This is rather unconventional considering that despite hurting each other the couple still want to try all over again. 

The whole record would be incomplete if there is no song that has guitar accompaniment only like “When Will I See You Again.”  In “Where Did We Go Wrong,” Toni and Babyface delivers the usual song commonly found in records discussing relationships; analyzing who did wrong and who was hurt.  “I Hope You’re Okay” is a song that reminds you of the musical background of “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye.  That is only the similarity here, it is about wishing the other fine after the relationship broke down.  It won’t be surprising if some listeners will pick up this song as their “moving on” anthem. 

There is an unexpected song in this album.  In “Wish,” you can laugh while listening to Toni cursing the guy and wish ill things to him such as hoping the next girl for him will break his heart, will make him broke, and will make him cry.  “Take It Back” is a misplaced song after “Wish.”  It is quite ironic wishing someone bad and the next song you sing about going back to where it has been; loving each other.  In “Reunited” you will be hoping that it has more lyrical lyrics like what “Peaches and Herb” did with their song of similar title.  However, the whole is quite frigid and cold, it has no passion. 

The only dance tune in this album is “Heart Attack.”  It sings about wanting the other back because he or she is seeing another potential lover; jealousy.  The song is not that great.  It is the usual filler that you see in most R and B or pop records.  “I’d Rather Go Broke” is all about money destroying a relationship.  However, this song pales in comparison when compared with “Love Spent” by Madonna.  The album ended with “The D Word,” and you thought it is all about “damning” someone but it’s not.  It is declaration of always loving that person. 

More or less the whole album speaks the same topic, about love being destroyed and wanting each other again.  There is no song that deals about domestic violence or emotional turmoil like Madonna did with “Till Death Do Us Part.”  If you want to condition yourself about fixing a broken relationship, then you can treat the whole album as a mantra for you.  I rate this album 2.5 stars out of 5 stars. 



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