An Open Letter To Boy Abunda

Dear Boy or Fellow Noranian,

I was not able to watch that episode of The Buzz where you discussed about your point of view with regard to exclusion of Nora Aunor as one of the current National Artists. boy abundaI did read some transcriptions of what was supposed to be your point of view with regard to it. Based on what I read online or offline, here are my thoughts about it:


1. I was quite disappointed with your stand. I understand also that you have to posit an objective point of view as much as possible. However, I found your pronouncement merely agreeing to what your friend’s brother position that it is his privilege to add or subtract. I expected also some rational thoughts in the same manner that other writers did in their columns.

2. I also understand that you are not an ordinary Noranian. Maybe, your stature as one of highly regarded TV host, you have to be above grounds from the rest of us. Again, your stand was still disappointing. I did not expect you to react like one of screaming Noranians even at their old age. What I was expecting that you have a sincere and rational point of view for believing that she is worthy of the recognition and why you were convinced that her brother was not judicious in doing so.

3. I also understand that you work along with what you consider and other people also recognized with one of your best friends in the industry. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to be chummy with the person always. A good friend understands what you feel, think, and believe. As fellow Noranian, you were quite a bit of disappointment with regard to your pronouncement. I felt that when you delivered your statements, there was a sword of Damocles hanging over your head; that is why you were not able to give a convincing statement defending your position.

4. I understand too that you have to maintain your integrity, but everybody knows that you are a diehard Noranian. My disappointment sprung from the belief that all of a sudden, you left us hanging on mid-air. It is not enough that you say that he was wrong. All the more that your position (for me) was not convincing because I felt that it was.

Everyone is different, and you just showed us how different you are from us. Nonetheless, I respect your opinion even though I was disappointed. I know that in time you will offset this disappointment with your own initiatives to support Ate Guy come hell or high water. More power to you. How I wish that I had picture with you when I saw you at Davao International Airport a year ago.

Yours truly,

Alden Bula (Noranian from grade 2 to present)


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