My Top Stories of The Day

My Top Stories Of The Day

Decades ago when there was no internet, I spent my free time reading my old magazines, and recapture again stories which I lingered in my mind. Nowadays, my free time is limited in front of my laptop and glued on Twitter. As actual magazines become a burden on my wealth, Twitter updates from my favourite online magazines allowed me to read stories which I find of great value personally. Here are my top stories for the day and why.

1. Time Magazine reporting on remote operated birth control. Who would have thought human nature will be invaded by technology quickly. I think that this kind of mechanism will be available twenty years from now. Yet, it is already in testing stage. What’s next? Menstruation control blue tooth operated?

2. Associated press tweeting on Japan’s strongest typhoon to hit the country in years. Hmmmmm, PAG-ASA should monitor this so that Philippines will be better prepared and avoid catastrophe in the league of Typhoon Yolanda aftermath.

3. Nora Aunor stories published from several sources. As a Noranian, these stories might junk to others but these are treasures for people like me. Others may not be inspired with her travails but personally, I can gather my strength and wit reading them.

4. JK Rowling is inspired again to write another Harry Potter tome. And, I say of it. As one friend of mine stated she should have literary dignity to pull this one better.

5. Still, Twitter is loaded with lies Lady Gaga tweeted. For somebody whom I thought as an intelligent woman, it was indeed funny that she thought she fool millions of Twitter people. What’s next? Nobody knows what lies she is capable with.

Tomorrow is another day. And, news makes the world go round. Let us see if the super typhoon in Japan will move across the Philippines, or will Nora Aunor stories continue to hound this administration.

P.S. Paypal did an injustice not only with me but thousands of Filipinos working online. Exchange rate is very low, it costs us several hundreds of losses individually. That is one personally story worthy of monitoring.

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