My Top Stories Of The Day July 9, 2014

It is quite an uneventful day except if we factor my being a Noranian. Definitely, the press conference of CineMalaya Independent Film Festival today was big news for me. And this is important as, not only Noranians are watching and monitoring succeeding days due to the many effects of the Nora Aunor For National Artist debacle. Other stories that gained my attention were:

1. Former President Gloria Arroyo requesting current president to allow her to attend a golden wedding anniversary celebration of one of the most recognized religious leader in the land. And, she is willing to shoulder all expenses if the trip is approved. My take is that, she is no longer running for president so what gives.

2. FHM sexiest took my attention not because I want to see sexy ladies. It is an alert system for me since by August it will be Cosmopolitan Magazine’s turn to present their annual sexy bachelor party.

3. Forbes Magazine reported that ex-President Ferdinand Marcos made it on the list of all time world’s corrupt leader. And, I am glad that this magazine did not forget nor ignored his legacy of corruption that two decades after he died, Filipinos are still suffering from his own brand of injustice.

4. Rappler delivered the news that both presidential candidates in Indonesia are claiming poll victory. And you thought that this kind of situation happen only in the Philippines. Well, one must be reminded that we also share similar events with Thailand before; coup d etat.

5. Germany defeated host country Brazil, to earn a final slot in 2014 FIFA World Cup. If this is another kind of sport, the score would be categorized as lopsided victory. It is a big disappointment for Brazil, and I can just imagine the sorrow they are feeling right now. It is really heartbreaking for players or athletes to lose in their own turf.

So, Nora is still in the news. Gloria is trying to be in the news. Germany will be in the news until the FiFa World Cup is over. Indonesia will probably stay longer in the news unless if the election crisis will be resolve quickly.


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