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Album Review : Symphony of Lies
Artist : Hyper
Genre : Instrumental / Eletronica


It is quite rare for instrumental music to get wider audience. Thus, I was bracing for some good music in this record. Fortunately, the first song “Heartbeat Re-Strings” started well cascading into a cacophony of symphonic instruments. It can make your heart beats faster as you listen to this music completely. The same arrangement can be found in “Breed Re-Strings.” The whole music feels like background music in a movie complete with car chase scenes or a futuristic movie where spaceships were positioning for a siege.

In “Out of Time Re-String” the instrumentalist decided to use background vocal which mimics the tone and chord of the symphony. You feel that the vocal performance is one of the instruments in the symphony. ‘Clockwork Re-String” is like Prodigy music without vocals. There is a feel of urgency when…

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