My Most Memorable Nora Aunor Songs

by: Alden I. Bula

nora aunor missing you
First and foremost she was an award winning singer before she became a multi-media and multi-awarded actress in this side of tinsel town. If you were born in the late sixties and started to learn new things around you in the seventies, you definitely are not ignorant with Nora Aunor songs. Some of you might not be a fan of hers or might not like her at all you surely have encountered one of her songs during the early years of your life. You can deny it baby; it’s your privilege to do so. Personally, I would like to dwell on some of her memorable songs and the reasons why.

1. Missing You – at the top of my list is a song that I would always play on my uncle’s phonograph each time I am deported at my grandfather’s farm. While playing this song, I used to imagine Nora Aunor standing and singing this song on top of the spindle (sa mga hindi umabot, Google niyo saan iyan ha.)

2. Sayonara – I remember seeing her singing this song in the movie “Winter Holiday.” I saw the movie on TV and watched at my neighbor’s house. What I remember from the scene in this movie was that Nora Aunor was hardly visible kasi black and white pa ang mga TV noon. Thus, I associated this song with a parody of Coke jingle that goes something like this, “it’s the real thing, si Nora maitim, dahil kinulayan ng uling, it’s the real thing.” This song was the reason why I would not get back at people who said at that time na maitim si Nora, kasalanan ng pelikulang ito.

3. The Lord’s Prayer – for those who did not know yet, her version was quite upbeat. And I believe, this is the kind of tempo some Christian community are singing this religious hymn as one fan of hers pointed out in Facebook. This song was memorable for kasi, my neighbourhood playmates and I, choreographed dance sequences noong grade 2 pa kami. And reminiscing the dance steps, all I have was laughter recalling how innocent our dance moves then.

4. State of the Nation – kala niyo mga oldies lang kinakanta ni Nora, nope in fact when her longest running musical show SUPERSTAR was still on air, she did some current hits of the eighties and some new wave songs. One of those songs was from the group industry. This song was performed as one of her production numbers that she presented weekly in her show. And I remember having the laughter of my life seeing footages of armoured tanks (a toy at that) complete with blasting and firing, tapos halata naman na fake.

5. Handog – no need to explain further, all I can say is she made this song as her own song despite the fact that this was originally performed by Florante.

6. Kusinera – what made this song became one of my favourites was that I first heard this on record then one Superstar show edition, Nora performed this song in a production number just as I have imagined it.

7. People – salaulo ng mga Noranian ang kanta ito because of her or because of Aling Barang (Barbra Streisand.) One of the memories that lingered in my mind was having this song as her intro song in her first concert “Handog ni Guy Sa Araneta.” The moment she sang the first line, people already gave her a standing ovation and I had goose bumps watching the scene on TV.

There you have it and with that all I can say is alam ko you will say nahahalata ang edad ko based on my choices.

Note: I do not proclaim ownership of videos link in this article. Thank you to those who posted these in YouTube.


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