Record Review : Anything Goes

Singles Review                                  :               Anything Goes

Artists                                              :               Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett

Genre                                               :               Jazz


anything goes

Lady Gaga fans might treat this single as history in the making, but jazz enthusiasts will not concur with their ideas.  There are several problems with this song as her initial foray in the realm of jazz.  While she may proclaim that she has been singing jazz since she was 13, the end result in this record does not show that she was indeed exposed with jazz or theatre songs.  That is only one of the obvious problems in this record.  She could not nail it. 

No matter how much listeners would like to be very objective with regard to this collaboration, still she will really suffer in comparison considering that a lot of great singers already performed this song and made it as their own song.  Think of Patti Lupone, Ella Fitzgerald, Sutton Foster, and Elaine Paige hammering their breath singing this song with aplomb and conviction.  It did not helped either that Tony Bennett provided vocal back up for Lady Gaga.  She has the voice to do jazz songs but this one is just not right for her.  She tried to sing it like Ella did but you can feel Lady Gaga had difficulty singing the song in tune.  In fact, you can say that she is just reciting and shouting in the whole song. 

To put simply, she doesn’t have the vocal grace to nail this song perfectly.  And, subjectively, it is quite difficult also to condition our mind if we are comfortable hearing her singing “ra rah rah oh lala gaga la la.”  Had she not become a caricature of her own doing, it would be easy to imagine for her to become a jazz singer. 

I rate this single 3 stars out of 5 stars. 





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