Album Review : Revisions

Alden's Album Review

Album Review : Revisions
Artist : Rick Tedesco
Genre : EDM


What do I think about this album? For a start, it feels like a legacy album. It means that these were the kind of music that was prevalent during the eighties. The hard drum beats are characteristics of New Wave songs, sleepy vocals were traces of Kate Bush in her prime, and the synths are stuff house music were made of when house music was in its infancy stage during late eighties.

Yes, most of the songs here made me remind, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, and other famous bands in that decade in terms of beats and musical arrangement. Thus, after listening to the whole record, you can say that it’s just it; nothing that you haven’t heard before. Even in present realities, the whole album is just as common like that of amateur DJ’s.


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