Nora Aunor Wins: Bitter Ocampo Here They Come

by: Alden I. Bula

Need I say more and there is no one else; Nora Aunor wins best actress award in the recent edition of CineMalaya. Last year, her erstwhile rival won the award and her fans were jubilant to the extent of proclaiming that only Ate Vi can win the award. Nora proved her Vilmanians wrong and even someone in the yellow community. Of course, her winning the award comes with bitterness especially those who were convinced that she outlived her usefulness in the industry. What other people are bitter with about her winning the award?

best actress cinemalayax

1. The members of the festival jury were all composed of Noranians. And I say that, the same thing can be said with last year’s juries. If one is objective enough to dissect the reviews and diligent enough to read all of the positive reviews, definitely the integrity of the juries won’t be an issue. Last year, the reviews of Ekstra were mixed and Hustisya received the same. The huge difference was that Nora’s performance was widely praised while that of Vilma was just praised if only for her effort to be deglamorized in the movie.

2. It is a sympathy award and serves as a token for being rejected as one of the latest batch of National Artists. Well, each one of us has different perceptions but, regardless if it is a sympathy award or not, no one can question that Biring is an award winning role. If this is your source of bitterness, then you better brace yourself as more sympathy awards will come in the coming days.

3. Vilma won it first. Well, it is not an issue since Nora was the first Best Actress in Urian and Star Awards. Is this really a source of bitterness; who won first? This article will run several pages if we enumerate the many “first” that Nora achieved over the years.

4. There was not enough competition in this year’s edition. Well, last year, there were several performances that were better than that of Vilma yet she won. This year, it is not Nora’s fault if she has no competition in terms of acting performances. It is the fault of their stars that they want to do mainstream films instead of indie films; as simple as that.

In the coming days, Nora will win more awards, and it gives people more reason to be bitter on her. Well, it is their problem not hers. But one thing is sure, there will always be loyal fans to answer whatever bitterness detractors will hurl against her.


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