Record Review : I Can’t Give You Anything But Love

Record Review : I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
Artist : Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett
Genre : Jazz
gaga tony

You know that a record is not successful when the artist releases another single in less than two months. Mariah did it before she released her last album. Lady Gaga is following the same route whether consciously or not intentionally. This single is a roaring 20 ‘s jazz song and has been covered by countless singers and have been featured in several movies. Thus, as a non-jazz fans, many of you out there are familiar with this song.

The record started well with Gaga registering a lower key voice and you began to appreciate that she indeed has a great voice and you thought that she might have been in the wrong music genre after all. Her version with the legendary Tony Bennett was somehow loyal to the original version. It would have been perfect until you realized that something is wrong with the vocal arrangement. If you expect some kind of bantering here, you will be disappointed as you will her Lady Gaga first singing the whole song and an instrumental break, then Tony Bennett sings the entire song again and replacing the word “baby” with Gaga.

I guess Lady Gaga has to improve on her vocals as there are some portions in the record where she screams the high notes. After “Anything Goes,” Lady Gaga turned out a more decent record in here.

I rate this one generously 4 stars out of five stars.


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