August 21: The Day A Hero Wasted His Life

by: Alden I.Bula

August 21: The Day A Hero Wasted His Life
It was past sunset when I learned that he was dead. Yes, the information I received that day was, “HE WAS DEAD” not “ASSASSINATED. “ The Marcoses controlled the media then thus, they can dictate what they wanted people to hear at that time. Looking back at all the events that transpired from that day until today, made me asked “was it worth dying for?”
When you consider that the kind of politics Ninoy abhorred are still in practice and has no signs of leaving in our consciousness and culture, made me rethink my belief in celebrating this date. The very people who went along with him battling out the dictator sad to say has become future dictators themselves or are already are without us knowing. Right now, Marcos loyalists are still having the time of their life; they have elected scions, families, and friends of their idol. What is even hurting the presidents who were elected after the great Iloko, failed to nurture and solidify Ninoy’s goals and ideals instead, they went the same route like Marcos did; CORRUPT GOVERNMENT.
In the end, the corruption has become more staggering, more in your face, and more deliberate; right now history is slowly inculcating in our minds that the great dictator was better. And the son of the hero has just proven what Marcos once said when he tackled the mother by saying then “walang alam.” This lack of knowledge and experience made his son a disastrous leader; his tenure gives more reason why Marcos was better. ninoy

As someone who took part in throwing the dictatorship in my own little way, I find that declaring Aug 21 as a national holiday is an insult. What is there to commemorate when Ninoy’s ideals were not in placed. His vision is no longer found and that even his son could not even matched his guts. Why celebrate, when it is painful to watch the Bongbong, Imelda, Imee, Irene, and the rest of the families do not even feel remorseful and enjoying the same privileges while they were still in power and now they are back in power. What is there to celebrate when more than 30 years after, this country still has a rotten government complete with shameless politicians and official?

Note: I profess no copyright claim on the images on this post. Thank you to those who posted these on several social media networks.


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