Album Review : Clear

Alden's Album Review

Album Review         :           Clear

Artist                          :           Workshy

Genre                                    :           Jazz

Date of Released    ;           2000


This jazz band had moderate success with their first two albums and after that, fans wondered what happened to them. Well, just like Swing Out Sister, they did not fade into absolute oblivion but concentrated in places where they achieve better success like Japan. Jazz recordings tend to rely on loyal fans as there is little reinvention for jazz performers to do unlike with pop music.  So, on the onset, all records from a jazz artist tend to offer similar things and sometimes it takes several listening moments before one can say that it is a usual, bad, or good record.

workshy clear

Just like this 2000 offering of Workshy, the first song “Got It Clear” is the usual stuff their albums are filled; soft voice, easy listening melody, samba like beat, and trite lyrics.  “Get…

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