2014 Cinemalaya Day 4

Interesting movie reviews: As I said, before I was not really confident about this movie. Stuck in the 90’s talaga si Joel Lamangan

Musings from Three Time Zones

Kasal (Joselito Altarejos)

Kasal sunsetKasal is a brutally honest depiction of a relationship in crisis that expertly situates the characters’ private troubles in a larger cultural milieu that’s still oppressive to non-heterosexual unions. It’s an age-old theme but Altarejos and writer Zig Dulay avoid the pitfalls of the typical Pinoy gay cinema by focusing not on sex but on the very real fears and anxieties of gay yuppies. The project calls for actors brave enough to expose onscreen their souls more than their skin, and Arnold Reyes and newcomer Oliver Aquino both give their all.

Separados (GB Sampedro)

sepa-2Separados attempts a commentary on Pinoy masculinity by featuring stories of men in various stages of personal crises, but its understanding of gender dynamics is so out-of-whack, misogynistic even. The problem with relationship stories (the film is based on real stories of men) written solely from just one perspective (here, the male) is…

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