This is it! Miss Universe 2015 (not 2014) will be held in…

Naku, mababawasan na naman ang mga bading ng something to look forward this year. Mukhang hindi mapalad si MJ kasi over-age na siya.




A bit of sad news and an accompanying good update for all of you.

There will be no Miss Universe 2014. No Christmas-themed pageant to look forward to either.

But as clued upon in an earlier blog I posted last month, the scattered puzzle pieces are starting to fit after this breaking news that the host city of Miss Universe 2015 (scheduled for January 18) will be DORAL, MIAMI as announced by its Mayor Luigi Boria!


With this revelation, expect flight bookings and hotel reservations to start flying off the wall within the next 24-72 hours. Discount airfares and special hotel rates will definitely dwindle fast before you can even begin googling for possible trip combos. With Fil-Americans alone, the excitement will be uncontained.

How about you, dear readers in the Philippines and other countries outside the U.S., do you fancy making that pageant rendezvous in the Sunshine State?…

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