Reasons Why Check Cashing Is Not Bad News After All

Many people have ideas already in their mind what check cashing is all about and in fact a lot of them have already tried it while others have seen several check cashing kiosks while travelling from home going to their places of work and vice versa.  Despite good intention of check encashment companies to provide people with convenient way of converting checks into cash, still it manage to get a lot of negative press release and consider it as bad news. The truth is that in some ways it is good news after all. Here are some reasons why:

  1. One issue that critics lodge against it is that companies involved in this business are charging check holders with commissions.  Well, this is not unusual as these companies provide people with convenience as they do not have to travel to far places where their banks are located and spend money on gasoline or transportation fare travelling. In some cases, going to banks to encash the cash is not only inconvenient but also more expensive than paying commissions to cash encashment kiosks.
  2. In situations where check holders live in remote places and the issuing bank branch office is very far away from where the check holder lives, encashment of checks in a shop or store in their own locality is more logical thing to do than travelling and spend long hours just to encash a $1,000 check.
  3. While the issuing bank is the ideal place to encash the check, however, there are other errands people do aside from converting checks into cash. Some of them might want to send a portion of the money to their relatives in other places, or some want to pay bills, or post mails, or photocopy some documents, or buy airline tickets.   Many check encashment companies have already expanded their service by offering popular errand services such as courier, money transfer, photocopying, documentation, and travel bookings. Thus, people have an all in one shop which is not only convenient but less stressful as they do not have to hop from one place to another to deal with various errands.
  4. It is a welcome development if more check encashment shops or kiosks are organized each day as this will ignite competition.  As more kiosks compete for market share, companies will offer great services to their customers and probably will bring down interest rates and bundling of services.  Thus, in the coming days, you will advertisements hanging in front of their offices declaring free money transfer for every $500.00 check encashment or free mail delivery for every $1,000 travel bookings.

The issue of charging fees on check cashing is moot and academic.  It is only natural for these companies to charge in exchange for the convenience of converting the check into cash.  It is also a matter of choice if people want to cash their checks with check encashment establishments; no one is threatening them to do so.  The above ideas clearly state that check encashment other than banks is good news after all.

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