How To Gain An Edge In The Nanny Market

If you are considering career as one of Canadian nannies, you must have an idea on how to be one.  However, if you want to be the best or one of the bests, then you should know important ideas on to gain an edge over the other women vying as the best nanny in the country.  What are the possible ways to gain competitive edge in the nanny industry? Some of the suggestions might catch you by surprise as you would think that it is not important at all.

  1. Surf the internet and read articles on how to become the best nanny.  There are thousands of resources that you can find but it is not enough to read some of them.  You have to digest what the article is saying.  To start with, why not make a tally on the traits and characteristics and other important factors on how to be the best nanny.  This way you know what the market is looking for in terms of finding the best nanny in the country.
  2. Once you have the list, review the items and check if you have the traits, skills, and experiences that were listed in your tally sheet.  After that, recall what you have read in relation to the items listed.  For example, the list showed that the best nanny should be healthy.  Think of the way which you can have the upper hand in terms of being healthy.  And then, you might realized that a regular health examination complete with records is not enough.  Your health record should also show current vaccination injection administered to your body. Neat, isn’t it?
  3. Regarding items which are listed as common characteristics but unfortunately which you do not have, you must find a way that it will not become an issue. For example, your list showed that the best nanny should have 10 years experience but you only have 10 temporary nanny jobs on short time basis.  You can offset this weakness by showing certificates of seminars attended which are relevant for a nanny job.  For example, a skills and craft certificate will convince parents or employers that you can help their children gain extra skills for free coming from you.
  4. Study the list and recognize possible opportunities.  You might be able to find more profitable avenues based on the list.  For example, you might recall from article readings that most employers who said that some of them get reliable nannies from Craigslist.  So, you might want to polish your advertising skill and maximize this list on getting good employment as a nanny or advertise yourself as the best nanny.

The best Canadian nannies are not only experienced, educated, and skilled. They have control on several aspects of their job such as knowing what the market wants and doing initiatives to satisfy requirements of the market.  These nannies know how to anticipate trends thus they are better prepared for any changes in the job market.


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