5 Effective Ways to Get Your Lover Back

Do you still love with the person you just broke with up? Do you want to be reconciled with this person? Do you ponder upon thoughts of how to get your lover back? Then get ready to be reunited with your beloved through these effective ways:

  •  Express the intentions of winning your love back.

Let your beloved know that you want him back. The other party may not accept your invitation right away but at least he/she gets the idea. This lets you have the opportunity to maintain close contact with each other. You need it as well to be able to accomplish all other ways enumerated below.

  •  Be reformed.

Both parties contribute to the success or failure of a relationship. Blaming each other will not help. Rather, to get your lover back, acknowledge your shortcomings. Genuinely understand where you went wrong. Let your partner see that you have changed for the better. Forgive, forget, and move on.

  •  Constantly show reminders of why your partner fell in love with you.

Be it physical attributes, habits, skills or talents, behavior, character, and/or personality; let an ex see that part of you he/she loves. It will surely get your lover back. Your ex will think twice once he/she how much is going to be missed when you separate ways for good. If you have seen Meg Ryan’s movie Serious Moonlight, you’ll see practical tips about this. The female lead character’s efforts to remind her husband of why they fell in love with each other years ago made him drop the divorce papers, leave his mistress, and happily adopt a child to make up for not being able to produce one.

  •  Avoid pathetic offers.

Don’t beg to get your lover back. This is not the same as the first tip. Communication is encouraged but not to the extent of even stalking the person and making unnecessary scenes in public places. Offering to give everything to an ex in exchange for being together again is a compromising idea. In the end, you may end up becoming a controlled person. Your ex becomes the one who controls you.

  • Put yourself together.

Life goes on despite a break up. Some women resort to extreme measures such as a suicide attempt. This is no longer love but an obsession. Love is a two way process. Obsession, meanwhile, finds a dominant side forcing the other towards her by all means possible. True, this gets the guy’s attention at first but out of pity and a sense of responsibility. In the end, he loses self-esteem and self-respect. Your relationship in turn will be built with lies.

A more beneficial look at this tip is to not let the other party think that your world has fallen apart. Even if you want to get your lover back, it doesn’t mean you are hopeless without him/her. Nobody wants to be with someone who is unable to stand up against life’s challenges such as a relationship’s end.  On the other hand, we all look up to those who can rise up amidst issues.


If you don’t have a lover yet, learn the art of seduction for dating here!


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