Tips for an Effective Wood Floor Cleaning at Home

Your house is a representation of your life. Everybody wants to have a clean, comfortable, and good looking place that they can call home and show off to people. Wood flooring is quite common for home décor and is usually applied for most homes. However, it requires immense amount of care in order for it to last for years and generations to come.

If you have a wood floor at home, you might want to know how to keep its beauty for a long time and make it more durable. In order to do so, it is important to know that a wooden floor requires tremendous amount of care and maintenance. Its beauty tends to fade if not looked after properly and with the right technique when doing so.

Tips for Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood floors lose their luster and shine with time and tend to look old and worn out. To battle this dilemma, the first and foremost factor to keep in mind when planning an effective cleaning operation for your wooden floors is to maintain a regular cleaning schedule and then follow it without fail. You can also introduce new and improved methods for cleaning your floors like using a soft bristled broom for sweeping the dust and dirt off. There are many types of brooms available in the market but those with soft bristles, especially the fibrous ones are the best for wooden floorings. The hard bristled brooms can scratch your floor’s surface and also fail to mop the floors in case of spills which are a common scenario in a house with children or pets. Remember, if you keep a regular cleaning schedule for your wooden floors, the chances of dust and dirt particle accumulating and diminishing the luster of your floor will be reduced.

Wood Floor Cleaning – Spills

You need to watch out for spills on your wooden floors as liquids are its biggest enemies. They can easily seep into cracks, causing seems to swell and often warp and split. Try to avoid spillage as much as you can. In case an unfortunate spill occurs, always use a soft bath towel to dry it off as fast as possible.

Wood Floor Cleaning – Vacuum

Vacuum your wooden floors at least twice a week so no dust and dirt can accumulate. Remember to use a soft bristled brush as an attachment with your vacuum cleaners and never ignore nooks and corners.

Wood Floor Cleaning – Spills

In case of stains on your wooden floor, use steel wool dipped in a small amount of alcohol to gently wipe them off. If you are worried that the alcohol might lessen the floor’s shine, then only mild scrubbing with the alcohol should be done. After the scrubbing, you can always use polyurethane finish to bring back that glossy shine on the floor.

Wood Floor Cleaning – Use Rugs

Always cover your heavy traffic areas with floor rugs as they will save your floors from getting dirty in the first place.

These tips without a doubt will keep your wooden floors lustrous and shiny for more years to come.


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