Best Performances of the Decade So Far (Nos. 80-61)

Pinoy Rebyu

  1. Jess Mendoza, The Natural Phenomenon of Madness (2011)

80 Jess Madness

Character: Unnamed, a young man forced to reckon with the consequences of a past crime he committed

How can you make viewers interested in a rapist character? First you ensure that the character is multidimensional enough to warrant attention, and then you cast an actor sensitive enough to pull off the nuances of the role. Director Charliebebs Gohetia lucked out on Mendoza, whose brooding performance as a conflicted young man made it possible for viewers to understand that a past sin does not define a person’s character.

  1. Arnalyn Ismael, Halaw (2010)

79 Arnalyn Halaw

Character: Daying, a 9-year old Badjao girl who tags along with her father across an illegal boat ride to Malaysia to look for her mother

A non-professional actor, Ismael is a screen natural as a precocious girl oblivious to the dangers of the journey she is taking. Her spunky character buoys…

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