Album Review : THE GOLDEN ECHO

Alden's Album Review

Album Review                   :               The Golden Echo

Artist                                     :               Kimbra

Genre                                   :               Pop

Date of Released             :               2004

Kimbra is no stranger to hit music as she was a featured singer in Gotye’s “Somebody I Used To Know.”  With soaring vocals she provided in that hit song, listeners surely expect a lot from her.  The question is, does her new album has potential hit music solely for her? Let us dissect each song.

  • Teen Heart – sounds like a fusion of Enya and Katy Perry. The vocals sounds like the former and the beat is commonly heard on the latter.
  • 90’s Music – sounds creative but not radio friendly though.
  • Carolina – seems like a homage to 90’s song “Oh Carolina” and feels it just took off where the old song ended.
  • Goldmine – very Ariana Grande with a twist of Azalea Banks.
  • Miracle – fees like listening…

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