Alden's Album Review

ALBUM REVIEW              :           Yes                

Artist                                     :           Jason Mraz

Genre                                    :           Pop

Date Released                    :           2014

The album starts with a hum like instrumentation and chant like vocals that might have convinced you that Jason Mraz has shifted genre from pop to new age.  Fortunately, it was just an introduction.  Then he sung in the second song that “love is a funny thing.” Armed with a folk guitar in the first stanza and proceed with country like vibe like what he had in his previous records, “Love Someone” might be another “I’m Yours” for him.  Luckily, he tried to deviate from that song.

“Hello, You Beautiful Thing” is a nice song which you can hear in a neighbourhood street corner sung by a love struck teenager.  You know the kind of…

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