2009 Record from 80’s group AHA

Alden's Album Review

Artist : A-Ha
Genre : Rock / Pop
Date Released : 2009

It seems that this Norwegian group did not lose their touch; making music A-Ha fans love most. They never deviated from a formula, except adding new instruments to make their song sounds not dated and writing mature lyrics this. One thing that you can appreciate with A-Ha is that they write sensible lyrics.

In the music industry, there is a certain dichotomy that is intrinsic; US music and Euro music. Europeans can appreciate songs coming from American artists except for country music. But Americans have difficulty accepting Euro-music. This could be attributed to production where Euro-songs have are more driven towards rhythm and beats while American music tend to be dominated by boom and bass.
The album is quite engaging if you just allow yourself to go beyond the separation between Euro music and American music. Some of…

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