2004 Basia album reviewed.

Alden's Album Review

Artist : Basia
Genre : Pop / Bossa Nova / Latin
Date of Released : 2004

The biggest problem in this album is that she did not move on and instead tried to wallow in the glory her first album Time and Tide has given to her. She did an excellent work with her 2nd album London Warsaw New York, and managed to give satisfactory output with The Sweetest Illusion. All the three albums mentioned were worthy of keeping the record. With this album, it is quite difficult to say the same thing.

First, it seems that her reunion album she did with her former band Matt Bianco, did little to deliver engaging records and instead it confined her to old glories. Yes, many songs in this album can be called as “remnants” of her Matt Bianco days and Time and Tide era.

Second, it requires huge amount of strength…

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