Album Review : NO LIMITS

New Album REview

Alden's Album Review

Genre : Pop
Date of Released : 2014

The moment you hear first few bars of “Speed Limit” you know that this album from Boyce Avenue is quite generic. Well, it is also confusing. There is a dash of boy band element in the record, with a little bit infusion of rock music, and of course dance beat. As a whole the whole feels like an 80’s throwback. In “One Life,” the group elevated their style to more of pop/rock, the dance element is discarded in favor of drum beat which sounds like tribal though. I just don’t understand why the delivery of a song feels like a misery instead of celebrating life.

“I’ll Be The One” is a Jason Mraz music with elements of EDM. It is another song which deals being what you can be to the other person. The surprising element here is…

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