Former RADIOHEAD frontman new album review

Alden's Album Review

Artist : Thom Yorke
Genre : Electronic / Pop / Rock
Date of Released : 2014

Thom Yorke delivers again an exciting album; and this is a fact. The overall feel of the album is quite trippy and hypnotic yet the songs are not boring. The use of electronic elements made the whole album worth listening to and you will not force your ears and mind to make you appreciate the songs in this record. Yorke composed the song and fused with musical backgrounds that are not heady for the brain. As a result, you have a relaxing record, in you fact you can play this album if you want to go to sleep.

Another interesting aspect of this album is that it never sounded like Radiohead considering that he is one of the brains behind this band. In addition, the lyrics are not trite and tried but not too…

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