Trbute album: Ap Hiking Society album review

Alden's Album Review

Artist : Noel Cabangon
Genre : Pop
Date of Released : 2014
If you are to hold on to the magic that “Kanlungan” had, then you might be in for some disappointments in this tribute record of Noel Cabangon for the iconic Pinoy group, The Apo Hiking Society. This is not the first the group had a tribute album, decades ago, there were two and were quite successful as it was a compilation of Apo’s hits rendered by different artist in different musical genre. So, what is wrong in this tribute album?

The moment you finish listening “Awit ng Barkada” you feel that the song was bastardized enough that in some parts of the song, he delivered with gay innuendos (the bali bali of boses somewhere made the song sung by Vice Ganda.) This leads to a suspicion that Apo Hiking Society songs are mean t to be delivered by…

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