Album Review                   :               THE VERONICAS

Latest album review from The Veronicas

Alden's Album Review

Artist                                     :               THE VERONICAS

Genre                                   :               Pop / Rock / EDM

Date of Released             :               2014

The first song in this record “Sanctified” will make you sit and listen to the whole song.  It is quite unusual if you are looking for another group along the lines of “The Go-Gos” or “The Charlatan.”  In this record, The Veronicas opted to experiment with many style.  Thus, you have a Prince like song with “Sanctified.”  You will find “Did You Miss Me” very fresh as it is both a rock and EDM song.  You can hardly imagine Katy Perry singing this song although it can pass up as one of her songs.

The reason of bringing up Katy Perry is that there is a song indeed that can be construed as a one of her songs; “Cruel.”  This is quite sad considering that the two ladies were able to sound different with…

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