Album Review                   :               THE ESSENTIALS ii

I was so surprised with this album. I didn’t realize that some eighties gems are also good jazz materials.

Alden's Album Review

Artist                                     :               KAREN SOUZA

Genre                                   :               Jazz

Date of Released             :               2014

One of the best things that can be said with eighties music is that most of the songs that were popular then had good melodies.  So good, that any artist can experiment most of the songs in that period with different musical styles.  This is the idea behind this essential album from Karen Souza; she transformed some of the hit songs from the 80’s into jazz music.  Was she successful?

First some of the songs were predictable like “The Way It Is” and “Wicked Games.”  These songs are already jazz and sentimental in their own right.  In fact, the Chris Isaak song is already a regular in many jazz and sentimental music anthologies.  The Billy Vera song has been exploited many times in many jazz albums.  So, one can conclude that after listening with the first two songs…

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