Album Review                   :               UNLOCKED

Alden's Album Review

Artist                                     :               ALEXANDRA STAN

Genre                                   :               Pop

Date of Released             :               2014

Britney Spears was inspired with Madonna and Lord knows who will be inspired with Britney Jean.  Apparently, there is one singer in the name of Alexandra Stan.  You can already tell that she is just another Britney wannabe from the first song alone “Little Lies.”  The whole song sounds any Britney songs in any of her albums; the more fact that the song has repeated “gimme more” several times in the song.

Do not pray that she will deviate from Britney style as the second song “Cherry Pop” sounds like any song from IN THE ZONE album of Britney.  The song “Dance” offers no retribution for her instead further sink her into just one of those singers who attempted to have their own 15 minutes of fame.

Are there saving graces from this record?  Fortunately, there is “Give…

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