The View From A Funeral Car

It is a privilege or a responsibility of first born son or child when either parent has already died and the remaining parent is finally laid to rest; riding front seat in a funeral car.  Yes, you have a choice if you want to do it or not and out of respect to my father, I did it with my eyes wide open and my heart gladly elated.

I cried so hard while funeral  car traversed the road from the church to my father’s resting place.  I cannot help it as I do not want to cry in front of so many people; better do it alone.  While crying, I notice how the ride was quite easy because of the police escort provided by Davao City Police Office where my father once held one of the top offices.

My sadness was overtaken with positive emotions as images of my father commanding road traffic sunk in my mind.  So, I took some pictures and I glanced at the back and I said, “Father, say goodbye to your former dominion.”

DSC_0001448 DSC_0001447 DSC_0001446 DSC_0001445 DSC_0001444 DSC_0001443 DSC_0001442 DSC_0001441 DSC_0001440 DSC_0001439


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