Album Review                   :               UNDER THE RADAR VOLUME I

Robbie Williams latest album review.

Alden's Album Review

Artist                                     :               ROBBIE WILLIAMS

Genre                                   :               POP / ROCK

Date of Released             :               2014

Robbie Williams is probably one of the most underrated artists in terms of appreciation in the US.  Around the globe, he is a force to reckon with, especially in Europe.  This leads some people to ask why this is so? There are probably some reasons like his songs are not extraordinary to merit attention among American listeners.  Another reason could be attributed that many of his songs are too Euro-pop for listeners around 50 states to indulge with.

In this record, Robbie Williams tried to shy away from Euro-pop and presented songs that might attract attention from more listeners.  However, the first song is an indication that he didn’t achieved what he wanted to actualize.  “Bully” is a song that sounds like Lou Reed had done decades ago, and this is quite a “duh” moment among…

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