Album Review                   :               FOREST HILL DRIVE

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Alden's Album Review

Artist                                     :               J. COLE

Genre                                   :               HIP HOP / RAP / R AND B

Date of Released             :               2014

My curiosity in this record is all about the song “Note To Myself.”  I have a blog entry in my other blog which is “Memo To Myself” (which you can read here ( )and I wanted to know if the singer and I have similar ideas.  But, it took quite a long time to reach the song as it was placed at the end of the record.

Let us begin with the intro song which has the following lyrics repeated at the beginning of the song “do you wanna, do you wanna be happy.”  You will think that this song will set the tone for the whole album.  There is that notion that this is a happy album because of the trippy atmosphere the song has.

The song “Jan 28

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