Latest album review : Simply Red

Alden's Album Review

Artist                                     :               SIMPLY RED

Genre                                   :               Pop

Date of Released             :               2005

In terms of musical output, Simply Red is one of the most consistent.  Mick Hucknail delivers the kind of music his loyal fans will listen to and buy.  Thus, it is always an exciting moment for the fans each time this pop group releases a new album.  Basically, his early records consisted of ballads, slow tempo, and danceable tunes.  In this record, it is expected that this consistency is ever present.

The first two songs “The Spirit of Life” and “Ain’t That A Lot of Life” are dance ditties which is quite surprising considering that his early albums usually started with slow or ballad songs.  “When I Look Into Your Eyes” is a typically song that you hear with Simply Red.  It has good melody and hook and of course soulful lyrics and vocal delivery.  In “The Sky…

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