Outstanding debut album from one of the sons of a preacher man.

Alden's Album Review

ARTIST                    :        COLONY HOUSE

GENRE                    :        POP / ROCK

DATE RELEASED       :        2014

Colony house is an American indie band and this is their first album which peaked at number 154 in Billboard 200 chart.  The chart ranking suggested that the album was not well promoted which is a pity considering that this is a respectable effort.  Or music fans did not llike what the band offered in this album.  Here are the reasons why music fans or rock fans for that matter decided not to buy the album other than it was not well promoted:

  • Some listeners might find the songs quite dated as most of the songs are quite 80ish.
  • The name of the band can be construed as a hip hop artist instead of white rock performers.

It is a pity indeed considering that even though the album sounds dated (which is probably intentional), there are…

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