Album Review               :       LINDSEY STIRLING

Very amazing pop / instrumental album

Alden's Album Review

Artist                  :       LINDSEY STIRLING

Genre                 :       POP / INSTRUMENTAL

Date of Released     :               2013

If you are expecting classical pieces from this violinist, then you are in for a big disappointment.  However, that emotion will be replaced with amazement and surprise once you listen to the first song “Daisy Violin.”  You wouldn’t expect that Lindsey Stirling will go as pop as possibly as she can.  Yes, it’s like listening to Sonia Belolo kind of music again but this time it is with a violin.

She is not the first violinist to indulge in pop music or even dance beat; Yo Yo Ma did it before decades ago.  But, Ms. Stirling was courageous enough to face criticism (surely) as she is wasting her talent tinkering with pop music.  Well, it might be a lost for classical world but definitely a huge gain for pop listeners.

There are so many feel…

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