Lady Gaga

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Mr. Hatersky

I remember that day.

MTV introduced me to some tacky looking blond girl with massive sunglasses covering half of her face. That’s the impression from ‘Just Dance’ music video. My first thought? ‘Christina Aguilera, why you do this to me?!’ My second thought, ‘Thank f**k it’s not her but another wannabe’. I was not blown away, neither musically nor visually.

Not long after, we all started educating ourselves what Lady Gaga stands for. Even if you were not that interested, you had to acknowledge her presence… The new quirky, not stereotypically pretty, with quite a good voice pop diva singing catchy songs with the main theme of ‘rah rah uh lala’.

Surprisingly and completely out of the blue, the press started attacking Miss Aguilera for… copying Lady Gaga. So I wondered, ‘was it me going crazy with misleading first impressions or have we just witnessed the birth of a superstar who…

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