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Alden's Album Review

Artist                  :       HED KANDI

Genre                 :       EDM / DANCE / POP

Date of Released     :               2015

If you are into dance and EDM, the name Hed Kandi is no long Greek to your ears.  You know by now that this brand of dance music has good beats and of course disco diva performance that will encourage you to occupy the dance floor and do your own groove thing.  Thus, when this new album was released you will expect the same elements and style that this label produced with early records.  So, how did this new album performed?

“Special” is a special song indeed, it is what should a “dance ballad” should be; singing songs of love and special someone with an upbeat tune instead of the usual ballad songs formula.  From this song alone, you will not be disappointed as Hed Kandi brand sticks to what they are famous…

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