Album Review               :       NO SOUND WITHOUT SILENCE

very good album from The Script

Alden's Album Review

Artist                  :       THE SCRIPT

Genre                 :       ROCK

Date of Released     :               2014

One of the best phrase I heard in a long time is “I can’t take the hate from heartbreak,” and it is found in the song “No Good In Goodbye.” This statement may explain why the album is title as NO SOUND WITHOUT SILENCE.” It speaks of the irony in life one thing cannot be present without the other preceding or following after it.  From that statement, you have an idea what the whole album is all about.  It speaks of heartache and lost love due to several reasons like conflict of ideas on what love, relationships, and dreams are all about.  It is always a case of man versus women and the inability of both individuals to compromise lead to separation.

“Superheroes” is telling listeners that even superheroes can fix love problem by staying strong and…

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