Revisiting NOTORIOUS: Album Review Nearly 30 Years After

Let’s listen to this record again.

Alden's Album Review

Album Review                   :               NOTORIOUS

Artist                                     :               DURAN DURAN

Genre                                   :               POP

Date of Released             :               1986

There are lots of interesting pieces of information this album was known for.  This is probably their most difficult record to finish considering that the band had internal problems with each other after doing side projects like Arcadia and Power Station.  The aftermath of these projects led to troubled relationships in particular with Andy Taylor.  Nearing thirty years after its release, it is time to revisit this album and determine if this record is still worth listening.

“Notorious” is the first track in this album and was the biggest hit from this album.  You can say that this song should credit Nile Rodgers for helping them produce this album.  This song did not sound dated and somehow there is this feeling that this could be one of the songs in the latest Daft Punk…

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