Album Review :        ARTPOP

I finally decided to review this album!!!!

Alden's Album Review

Artist            :        LADY GAGA

Genre           :        POP / EDM /DANCE

Date Released:         2013

After more than a year after this album was released I think this one deserves a review just to find out if this record stood the test time after more than a year.  This third album from the eccentric Lady Gaga is supposed to be one of a kind album; she even had the nerve to insinuate at the time prior to its release that this will be the album of the millennium.  Here are some reviews of the different tracks in the album.

Aura hahahaha portion in the song introduction reminds me of “Peek A Boo” by Devo.  “Venus” feels like a fast number of that “Intergalactic Song” done by The Carpenters of long ago.  And the vocal performance feels like an insecure imitation of any Grace Jones songs.  “G. U. Y” doesn’t have one of…

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