Album Review :        DELTA MACHINE

80’s people This is the latest from Depeche Mode, read it now!!!

Alden's Album Review

Artist            :        DEPECHE MODE

Genre           :        ALTERNATIVE ROCK / ROCK

Date Released:         2013

During the eighties, this band was very fond of doing upbeat songs with happy lyrics.  As years progressed, the members matured so are their songs thus you have albums like “Songs of Faith and Devotion” and music such as “Personal Jesus and Enjoy The Silence.”  This serene mood continued up to their current release which is “Delta Machine.”
The moment you heard the first song “Welcome To My World,” you know that you are indeed in for a ride into the current world of Depeche Mode.

The first few bars of “Welcome To My World” suggest a very dark mood will ensue while listening to this album.  However, the lyrics are not that dark instead, it embraces someone to unload his or excess baggage and let emotions flow.  “Angel” seems like a continuation of “Personal Jesus” musically…

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