ALBUM REVIEW                                                :               SMOKE + MIRRORS (DELUXE EDITION)

ranks up there so far as one of the best albums for 2015

Alden's Album Review

ARTIST                                                  :               IMAGINE DRAGONS

GENRE                                                  :               ROCK

DATE OF RELEASED                          :               FEB 2015

Hearing the first song in this album “Shot” might shock some listeners and ask if this band had shifted gears, meaning they go suddenly pop or try to dabble with EDM / Dance Music genre.  The song seems to be signifying in that direction.  You will be shocked more once you get to the next song as it has “Bizarre Love Triangle” like introduction for a few seconds then shifted to marimba like sounds for another few seconds before you hear drums and other percussion instruments.  Apparently, “Gold” can be likened to Spandau Ballet song of the same title in terms of musical structure.

The title song “Smoke + Mirrors” feels like “Without or Without You” in which the notes were arranged backwardly at the start, until the vocals set in and you realize that the song…

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