Garden of Randomness

Ever since I contemplated of gardening as another hobby of mine and started the initial steps last October 2014, I have been imagining on what will my garden look like.  I know I don’t have that artistic abilities landscape artists have but I have to try.  This morning while I was doing my  morning walk and jogging, I look around the surroundings trying to get ideas about landscape.  One thing I noticed is that most of the garden I saw were quite random unless of course those houses with admirable gardens due to the fact that they can pay landscapers or they have talents with it..

Thus, I decided to call my garden as “Garden of Randomness.”  I believe that it fits my personality as I was never famous for being organized and even in my thoughts I am a random person.  It is also a defense mechanism on my part if somebody will ask later that my garden is disorganized; that is how I intended it to be.  To give you an idea how comfortable I am with randomness, see the images please.

DSC_0002014 DSC_0002013 DSC_0002012 DSC_0002011 DSC_0002010 DSC_0002009


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