While I was searching for some of my old files, I chance upon a notebook which I was pretty sure did not belong to me.  So, I opened it and there was a title on the next page; UNDER THE LIGHT OF BLISS CONSCIOUSNESS.  Apparently, this was a notebook of poems belonging my mother wrote.  After reading some of the poems, I believed that some of the poems are deserving to be immortalized and publish online.  Here is the first poem.


You inspired the muse in me

So I sing my songs

Chance you read these lines;

Think the best in me or the worst

For time may change, when I may not sing

As sweetly the way I used to;

Time may numb my senses to naught,

Then perhaps my songs remind you of me

all the devotion I shared.

In the garden of men

Where I wish to reach out

In time no doubt


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