This poem, according to her notes was composed during a brainstroming session held at Handumanan, an ancestral house owned by a good friend of hers who is also an uncle of a schoolmate of mine during high school.  Based on the lyrics of the poem, I could say that this was written during a break in the session.  I had been to that place also on several occasion and I could say that it was the naturalness of the surroundings of Handumanan that inspired my mother to write this poem.


Peace is in the quiet road

Beautifully lined with flowers,

Gracefully dancing and swaying.

In the early morning wind.


Peace is the blue infinity

Adorned by the sun, moon, and stars

Luminously spread their golden rays

In the golden bright light and the silvery night.


Peace is in the nightingales

Warbling melodies sweet,

Peace is in the silent flight

Of birds seeking their places in the sun.


Peace Is diving into the heart

Of the self with God in unity

In blissful divine tranquility



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