Top Reasons Why 2015 Is The Year of Nora Aunor

If you are either an avid or rabid Noranian, the term “huling baraha’ is very familiar to you since you have encountered these words several times describing the future end of Nora Aunor’s career.  Sad to say, many cards have been dealt with and she still here and haters are finding it hard to believe that she is still around; making quality films not commercial films.  Since she came back from 8 year hiatus, she has never left the consciousness not only among her loyal fans but the whole citizens of the country as well.

Thus, for Nora Aunor, there is no such thing as last card what she has right now is last laugh.  The first quarter of 2015 has just ended and it seems that the year is fast becoming Nora Aunor’s year.  Here are the top reasons why:

  • More films this year and not just any kind of films. These are the kind of films that will further elevate her in the stratosphere of unrivalled artistry that it will take many generations to be surpassed if not equalled.  “Padre de Pamilya” and “Whistleblower” have yet to be shown commercially and she just wrapped up “Taklub” with “Hinulid” waiting in the wings.
  • More awards and accolades this year, no doubt it. It is still days in the second quarter and already she harvested awards and accolades that will make other stars green with envy.  The awards season is not yet over, there are still hundreds of film festivals to participate considering that she has three films helmed by international film festival savy directors.
  • More historic achievements this year and no one can prevent it. She made history this year by tying with herself in a best actress category in one of the more respected award giving bodies.  She will make history once more as Taklub is tipped to be in the running in Cannes Film Festival.  Come April 11, 2015, she will again receive another international honor coming from an ASEAN film award giving body.  Yes, there is no stopping Nora from receiving honors for the country.
  • More TV projects and her new manager will definitely work on this in her favor. TV is where she started and TV will reinforce her stature as a living legend.

With these ideas, those who say otherwise will find an uphill battle as one by one, these ideas will really materialize and haters will not only eat dust, they will eat their own words, surrender, and accept the ultimate reality that no one comes close with Nora Aunor except the gods and deities.

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