The Rebel Heart era is fast becoming a review of legacy period for Madonna.  If you have already listen to this album, you have already notice several references of old Madonna is some of her songs and this matter was tackled fully in the song “Vini Vidi, Vici.  This time around, it is the videos turn to look back.  The first video of this era “Living for Love’ was charming as we saw Madonna danced and dance she did as if it is still “Lucky Star” days.  While there are no references to Madonna of years ago, the video was a testament that she still is a master of this format.

Now comes the second video from Rebel Heart album, this time promoting “Ghosttown.”  The video was highly anticipated as it was quite a long time that Madonna had a video for a ballad song.  Yes, it was quite a long time that we heard from her singing passionate song ala “Take A Bow.”  Thus, the first imagery that you see in this video are something that you saw in that love for a matador video.  You have her waking up in front of a TV set but no longer making love with it, instead she proceeded with kissing a photo of presumably her mother.  The background of the video is predictable as the song “Ghosttown” has lyrics like “we’ll be two souls in a Ghosttown.”

The plus factor of this video is Madonna dancing a not so dirty Tango and obviously the lead actor in this video who is Terrence Howard is a representation of her ex-boyfriend; no further explanation if you are a Madonna fan.  While the dance steps are not new as she did these moves in many “La Isla Bonita” segment in her concerts, the dance sequence is quite significant as it is probably the second time that she danced with a partner; the first time was with Antonio Banderas in one of Evita’s video.  Another interesting reference in this video is on “Frozen.”; the cape thing and the fingers swaying and all of that.

Another significant thing on this video is that this is probably one of those videos that we did not see Madonna barely dressed.  It appears that she seems to be fully clothed in most of the video sequences here.  There is nothing new in this video to be honest with it.  The Britney look is quite passes but works well with the apocalyptic background thereby creating a vampire look on her part.  There is nothing groundbreaking on this video except that for a second video, this is quite a departure since we did not see a wiggling Madonna in white backdrop; in other words, she respected her fans by not giving them cheap video.

As a whole, Ghosttown video and the song is quite a treat.



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