Film Diary: ‘Ekstra’, ‘Himala’ (Part 2)

A very interesting review on Himala


When I try to talk about Philippine movies, I always end up pining for its golden age: the 1970s to early 80’s. When a quiver of legendary directors emerged from the fumes of censorship and landed bull’s-eye to the local cinematic history. When films were not lax and niggard of thought-provoking themes and also challenged the political restiveness. When the silver screen is not a medium for superficial emotions but is a portrait capturing the gritty reality plaguing the society. Illiteracy, poverty, fanaticism; these are just some of the ugly truths in Ishmael Bernal’s HIMALA, making it even more compelling, important and resonant 33 years later.

Film Poster

Most would have probably first seen the parody before watching the actual film. A spoof of Nora Aunor’s iconic lines overshadows the reason why the film is adhered ‘classic’ in the first place. The digitally restored version I saw…

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