One of Basia’s Best

Alden's Album Review

ALBUM REVIEW               :           BASIA ON BROADWAY

ARTIST                                  :           BASIA

GENRE                                  :           POP / LATIN/SAMBA

DATE RELEASED               :           1995


I think that performing on Broadway was not a brave move on her part but a wise decision as well.  Like Mariah Carey, I had doubts then when it comes to her vocal prowess as it is quite multi-layered that I suspected that her vocal performances on her recordings were enhanced with technologies.  The Broadway performance not only convinced me but other music fans as well that she indeed has a great voice.  This is live recording with 16 of her recordings is indeed a welcome treat not only for her fans but non-fans as well.

One of the best things in this album is the arrangement of songs that is just right and do not break the fun and emotions listeners will have while listening to this record.  From…

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