My mother was no music lover but she did have some favorite songs and she knows a good song from a bad one.  She even knew how to appreciate current pop singers and even knew his or her prevailing style.  I remembered one time while I was playing “Sooner or Later” by Madonna, she poked at me just to ask who the singer was.  She was surprised to learn that she was listening to the Queen of Pop jazz number.  She said “oh she does have a voice, she can carry a tune.”  When she was still alive, we rarely talk about music and that Madonna moment was one of those rare moments we talk about music.  She preferred to discuss religion, politics, social development, and other intellectual ideas.

Just because we did not talk about music, I don’t have songs to remember by for her.  In fact I do have several songs that is in my playlist which I play randomly during Mother’s Day, on her birthday, and especially when I miss her.  Here are the songs.

1.  Sa Ugoy ng Duyan – i heard this song the first when it was sung by Pilita Corrales and Jackie Lou Blanco in the early eighties during a special episode of then popular Sunday noontime show Germspecial.  I cried while both ladies singing this song.

2. Nayib’s Song – a song by Gloria Estefan composed for his son. honestly,  You can watch the video in here.  This song created some sort of a fear for me to bring up a child in this world.  With lyrics like

“Lately my son, I’ve been confused
Don’t know what to tell you
‘Cause it’s all such bad news
Lately my son, I’ve been discouraged
I look around and it fills me with worry
What kind of world can I offer to you?
Will it all lead
Do we have the sense to make it through?
I’ve tried to figure it out
To have an answer, I can tell to you
But all I can see, all I can see”

these words can certainly develop insecurities when it comes to rearing children.

3.  Mama – this is an obvious choice. This song from the Spice Girls has all the elements of a good pop song and at the same time a powerful song dedicated for mothers.

4.  Mama – I accidentally discovered this song from The Dream while I was doing record review of latest album from Mariah Carey where the elusive singer performed a duet with The Dream.  I like the song because of these words.

“It was you that broke me through. You were everything I ever knew. If I could bring you back, I’d do it in a split second,”

Yes, these words made me missed my mom terribly.

5. I’m Coming Home – what made the song endearing are the lyrics “Ma, I’m coming home, so take the pictures off the wall..  I’m coming home, I’ve have enough of being alone.”  This is from Little River Band and one of the most memorable songs I grew up with.  If you want to listen to this song, watch the video here.

6.  ‘N Sync’s “(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You” – it has probably one of the most emotional music videos about mom and children thus the reason why this song made it on my playlist. The video made me wish that I have a memory when my mother gave birth to me.

7. Kahit Konting Awa – Nora Aunor’s soundtrack for The Flor Contemplacion movie might not be a Mother’s Day song for everyone but personally, this song made me feel lucky as I did not have an OFW mother.  She was there beside me from day I was born till she died. You might want to feel sympathetic to families with mothers away from the and listen to this song in here..

8.  Inside of Me – Madonna’s tribute to her mother and the song is not about the blood that runs in her. According to some analysis, the song refers to that possibility that she will acquire breast cancer too.  Her mom died with that disease when she was still five years old.

9. Mother’s Little Helper – you, my readers will be definitely surprised why this song is included in this list and you might say that the title is a take away.  I like this song because what seems to be a harmless song title could allude to mothers being dependent on prescription drugs.  The second stanza of this song read like this

Mother needs something today to calm her down
And though she’s not really ill
There’s a little yellow pill
She goes running for the shelter of a mother’s little helper
And it helps her on her way, gets her through her busy day

10.  Mother’s Little Soldier – while the song has an upbeat tune, the lyrics are so emotional. It made me think seriously on the idea “what if I did obey my father and became a soldier?”  The song answered that question.  Here is the video of this song.

There are thousands of songs about mothers that you can include in your own playlist.  Mine is a combination of old and new and basically these are all about lyrics, melody, and emotion.  These songs thug my heart.


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